Tuesday, June 12, 2012

While You Were Sleeping

Do you ever watch your children while they're sleeping? I use to all the time when my boys were babies. I'd get the biggest kick out of watching all their funny facial expressions as they slept in my arms.
Their little lips puckering up and then turning into a smile.

Their tiny eyebrows raising and then scrunching together, as if they were dreaming. 

Their adorable faces turning red and puffy when they were passing gas...yep, even that.

I'd sit and hold them for what seemed like hours, staring at their silky smooth faces. I had every eyelash counted and each tender curve of their nose and chubby cheeks memorized.

So tiny and so intricately designed. 

So peaceful. 

So precious.

Those days have long passed but every now and then, I still get a chance to see one of my boys sleeping.  It's a rare occasion but one that is priceless to me.

Just the other morning, I slipped into Brody's room to put some bath towels away. As I quietly tip-toed past his bed, I couldn't help but pause and notice how peacefully he was sleeping. I gazed for only a few seconds but it brought back so many memories of when he was little.

As I stared at his face, only remnants were left of that little baby boy I would rock for hours, so long ago.

Chubby cheeks have been replaced by strong masculine cheek bones.

There were so many more eyelashes to count.

A strong chin now covered with manly whiskers that have developed from shaving.

So grown up and so intricately designed

So peaceful.

So precious.

Where have the years gone and why have they passed so quickly?  No more babies to hold. Only sweet memories to treasure deep within my soul.

Did I hold them enough? Did I pause and relish those special moments while they were sleeping in my arms? Could I have held them closer or rocked them longer? 

Years have passed and circumstances have changed. My little boys have grown into young men. And yet still, there are brief moments left, to pause and notice. To unfold those long-ago memories tucked deeply within my heart. To pray just another simple prayer as they quietly sleep.

So peaceful.

So priceless.

So intricately designed...

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