Monday, June 3, 2013

Are We There Yet?

When you were a little kid did you ever go on a vacation with your parents that included a 8+ hour road trip to visit relatives or friends? With only 30 minutes into the drive, did the phrase "Are we there yet?" fall from your lips, followed by a big sigh?

I can remember take a trip with my family to Aunt Lee's house when I was five years old. At the time, we lived in Louisiana and Aunt Lee lived in Arizona. The road trip took 3+ days but to me, it felt like we were riding in the car for a month!

Doesn't time seem to drag on when you're anxious to get somewhere or get something completed? Today, I'm having an "Are we there yet?" moment. It's not because of a family road trip but instead I'm waiting to launch my new website.

I was hoping the big day would be last week but some unexpected techno glitches came up that has delayed things a little.  So much is happening behind the scenes and I'm thrilled with the way everything is turning out. I'm just not being very patient...

Are we there yet?

What about you? Are you anxiously waiting for something special to happen in your life? Maybe a big vacation you've been planning for months. Or, a special project  you've been working on? Are you expecting a baby? Engaged with a wedding day just around the corner?

Are you tempted to ask, "Are we there yet?"

Question: What is that one special thing you're waiting for and what is helping you to be patient while you wait?