Friday, November 21, 2008

Brody's Sunset

My favorite view!
My son, Brody took this photo from our backyard. It was a lazy summer evening and I was busy cooking dinner, oblivious of what the Creator of the Universe was painting for me outside.
Brody didn't miss it though. With my camera in tow, he ran outside and snapped a couple photos before the sun slipped away. How could I have missed this beautiful moment? I was too busy checking off my "to do" list. Could dinner have waited? Yes, it could have. Would my family have been upset if their food had gotten a little cold? Probably not. At the end of the day, what was more important? A well prepared meal or a glimpse of God? Although it hasn't come easy, I'm learning to pause, lay down my "to do" list and look for the brush strokes of the Creator. His masterpiece is everywhere. I just need to be more aware of it. What has He shown you today through His creation?

Sweet Blessings,

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