Monday, August 31, 2009

Missing Him

My husband, Keith, was out of town last week in New Orleans, Louisiana. We both grew up in Cajun Country so it was like returning home for him. I would LOVE to have gone, but with school and football season back in full swing, it was just impossible. Besides, I was excited about attending Lysa TerKeurst's book launch this weekend at Southbrook Church in Weddington, NC.

Keith would call several times a day and tell me what great meal he was having, at one of our favorite restaurants. It was driving my taste buds absolutely crazy! New Orleans is known for their delectable dishes and delicious desserts. My mouth would actually water while he described the sauteed jumbo shrimp with lumped crab meat stuffing or the homemade bread pudding with butter sauce and whipped cream on top.

He mentioned about all the friends and family members he was getting to see. How the aunts and uncles were appearing older and acting feistier than ever before. How the nieces and nephews were barely recognizable because they had grown so much.

As we talked, he would say something hilarious and I would laugh until tears were streaming down my face. When it was time to say good-bye, I'd hang up the phone and instantly feel an emptiness inside which accompanied a twinge of sadness. It was then that I realized...

I missed hearing his voice.

While Keith was gone, I didn't sleep very well, at all! I kept waking up at night, hearing little sounds that would startle or frighten me. I'd check the doors several times at night, making sure they were locked. One morning as I was coming out of a deep sleep, and reached my hand over to the other side of our bed, expecting to touch his arm, but then realized he wasn't there.

When Keith is home, I feel safe and secure. I know that if anything goes wrong, he will handle it. I don't worry about the doors being locked or the strange sounds that I hear at night. While Keith was away, I realized ...

I missed his protection.

Saturday night, Carson had his first scrimmage game of the football season. He was really nervous and had a mini meltdown while getting dressed for the game. I tried calling Keith so he could encourage Carson and calm him down. I was doing my best to pump Carson up with "you can do it" cheers but he wasn't buying it. I knew that if Keith was home, he would be able to motivate Carson in a way that I couldn't.

By the time we arrived at the field, the stadium was packed with people. I saw several friends and met new ones during the two hour scrimmage. But, with all those people around me and with all the great conversations, I still felt lonely inside. I wasn't sure why but it finally dawned on me that I missed Keith.

He wasn't there with me to cheer Carson on to victory. He wasn't there to answer one of my numerous ditzy football questions (after four years, I'm still trying to learn the rules of this game called football). On the ride home, I thought about all the great tackles that Carson had. Tackles that Keith didn't get to see. It was at that moment I realized....

I missed his presence.

Keith returned home this morning and I was so glad to finally see him. Although it was really nice to have a break from cooking those big meals, washing those extra loads of laundry, and
not having to share the t.v. remote with anyone, I'd much rather have Keith back home with us.

I'm so thankful that he's returned safely and our family is complete again. I really missed him while he was away and so did the boys. I know he missed us too.

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  1. Leah, what a sweet post! I know just how you feel. The house is just not the same when Monty is gone. I miss just his very is comforting and easy.




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