Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love Technical Support

I'm writing today's post with a big smile on my face and I can't wait to explain why.

Last February I started getting serious about setting up my blog. I really wanted to have my own domain name so I decided to purchase one. I wanted to keep it super easy and super simple so I logged onto and made my purchase directly through their site.

It was really inexpensive and the steps were so easy. I couldn't wait to type in my new domain name and have it go straight to my blog. The only problem was it never worked. For some reason unbeknownst to me a glitch happened when I was setting everything up. Go figure! Is it just me or do you suffer from unexpected computer glitches too?

I asked my blog design friend to help me but she couldn't figure out the problem either. After days of troubleshooting I finally gave up. I had come to the conclusion that I owned a domain name that I would never be able to use.

Every time I would log onto my blog I'd think about my unusable domain name and I'd get frustrated all over again. That was until today.

I received an email this afternoon from a friend who had a blog question. She sent the email to several friends and they began responding back and forth. As I read each email I began to long for my little domain name that I never was able to use. I decided to send out one final cry for help. Maybe one of my bloggy friends would have the answer.

Sure enough Rachel did. She emailed me back right away with a clever help link that would hopefully lead me on a short journey and solve all my domain problems. At first I was hesitant. I had failed in the trouble shooting area many times before and the thought of wasting more time on this quest for domain victory was feeling quite unappealing at the moment.

Then all of a sudden this overwhelming sense of "you can do this!" sprung up like the automatic water sprinklers in my flower garden. I didn't know where it came from but I liked the momentary thoughts of confidence and absolute assurance that swirled around in my head.

I stared at the link that Rachel sent me and whispered quietly "bring it on!".

One link lead to another then another and lo and behold I landed on the glorious sight of what I had been longing for. It was the number for technical support! I LOVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT!!!

I quickly grabbed my phone, punched in the toll free number and within fifteen minutes the man on the other end of the phone had fixed all my computer glitches and my wonderful domain was up and running. Just like that.

Thank you Rachel for taking the time to send me that link. Your small act of kindness made a huge impact on me. Although it may have seemed like nothing to you it was huge to me. I will forever be your fan.

I've learned a valuable lesson through this experience. I shouldn't underestimate the significance of small things.

Small acts of kindness.

Small words of encouragement.

Small glimmers of confidence and hope.

I think more times than not it's the small things in life that really make a difference. Just like Rachel took the time to help me today I want to make a conscience effort to take the time and respond to others when they need help. Even though it may feel like a small thing to me. Who knows? It could have a huge impact.

It's kind of like being technical support for each other. I just love technical support, don't you?

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