Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat Celebration

I've never been so proud to be a Cajun girl from New Orleans in all my life!

Last night my family sat around our big t.v. screen surrounded by Chinese food, hamburgers, french fries, and Pepsi as we watched the nail biting first half of Super Bowl XLIV. We were all very excited but quite leery about the outcome of this year's game.

Our hearts were for the New Orleans Saints since my husband and I both grew up in the Big Easy. We had watched many games over the years with hopes of singing the "Who Dat" chant at the end of each game but often times our hearts were disappointed with another loss.

Game after game...

Season after season...

Year after year...

When the half time show started I realized that my stomach was hurting and it wasn't because of all the Chinese food I had devoured. It was because I was so tense and nervous about the score. I had to laugh at myself because I'm really not a big football fan. Most of the time I have no idea which teams are headed to the playoffs but this year I had a vested interest. This year I was a committed fan. This year it would be personal.

As the last 60 seconds counted down and the Saints were pronounced Super Bowl XLIV Champions my husband and two boys laughed hysterically at me as I video taped my t.v. screen during those glorious moments. I told them that this was most likely a once in a lifetime victory and I wanted to capture it on film.

My guess is that the mayor of Who Dat Nation has declared today an official holiday. As New Orleans fans celebrate in the streets of the French Quarter, I'd imagine that many of them will be throwing Mardi Gras beads, sipping on cafe au late, and eating fresh king cake while singing the "Who Dat" chant until their throats are sore.

Congratulations New Orleans! It's been a very long time coming and you've fought hard to win this victory and claim your prize.

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