Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anxious E.O.G.

This morning our two boys woke up very anxious. They were both stressing out about E.O.G. (End of the grade testing) week which officially began today.

Over the past four weeks they have been preparing for the E.O.G. through online practice tests and in the classroom. They know the material and both are so darn smart but this morning you still they were anxious.

I overheard our youngest son, Carson, asking Brody if he was "a little nervous". Brody said yes and I could see Carson breath a sigh of relief just by hearing his older brother admit that he was feeling the same way too.

I prayed with each of them as they headed out the door and gave them one of my "you'll do great" chants as I waved good-bye.

It's been a long time since I've taken a school E.O.G. but I'm well aware of feeling anxious about other "testings". I often find myself faced with an assignment that I've been preparing for and know full well that I'm familiar with the material. But, I still fall into the trap of wrestling with the thing while experiencing a knot in my stomach, sweaty palms, and a clenched jaw.

Just as I reminded my boys this morning, I remind myself over and over again; "Don't be anxious about anything but pray about everything." This has become my motto in 2010. I have encountered so many situations over the past 12 months that would have given me plenty of opportunities to worry. Yet, all of these circumstances were completely out of my control. Worrying about them wouldn't have solve a single thing.

For a woman who's lived most of her life anxious and worried just about everything, I've learned that stressing out is a complete waste of time and can only make my situation worse. My biggest problem has always been a need to be in control of my circumstances and those around me.

My prayer is that Brody and Carson will learn while they're young to approach each testing that awaits them with confidence - knowing the solution is not to become anxious first but to pray first.

When a situation arises in your life do you tend to become anxious right away? Even if you've had time to prepare for a project or test, do you still find yourself in the trap of worrying about it? Is your first response to pray about the situation or take control?

If you have any great suggestions on what helps you not worry so much, I'd love to hear them!

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