Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello Summer

I can't believe it's June 1st already.

It seems like just last month our family was celebrating Christmas and ushering in the New Year. Where have the weeks and months gone? Time is just flying by so quickly and I'm having trouble catching my breath as each day slips away and a new one begins.

There is a buzz in our home right now. It's the wonderful sound of "school's almost out and Summer is finally here". I asked Carson yesterday what he's looking forward to the most about being out of school for the next 11 weeks and he quickly said with a shout "no school work!".

Personally, I'm looking forward to sleeping past 5:15 am every morning, not having to pack lunches, or help with school projects. Although I'm really looking forward to Summer, I"m feeling a little bit anxious too. Brody's last day of school is Friday and Carson will be finished next Thursday. I had so many projects on my list that I really wanted done by now such as...

1. Finish my personal and business taxes (yes, I filed an extension again this year).

2. Take an online creative writing course (I'd love to go back to school if I had the time).

3. Schedule a day with my girlfriends and go to the outlet malls (I've has this on my list for the last 3 years).

4. Do some Spring cleaning (ya know, clean out all the drawers and closets that have some how gotten filled with miscellaneous junk).

I can still do these things once the boys are out of school but I really wanted to have them done by now. Especially my taxes. Oh, those taxes! Just thinking about it stresses me out. This project requires more brain work and concentration that I think I can muster right now.

What about you? Do you still have any projects or items on your "to-do" list that you wanted to accomplish before Summer break. Are you feeling frustrated and anxious that you haven't gotten to them yet? Are you looking forward to your children being out of school and at home for the Summer?

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