Monday, July 19, 2010

Way To Go Williamsburg!

We just returned from Williamsburg, Va this past weekend. Honesty, I was very excited about getting away with my family but Williamsburg was certainly not my first choice...or my second...or my third. I really wasn't expecting there would be much to do once we got there but boy was I wrong.

The colonial area of Williamsburg is incredible. It's really like stepping back in time. All of the people who live there dress, eat, work, entertain and raise there families as if they are actually living in the 1700's. We watched a two hour re-enactment of the historical events leading up to the revolutionary war - right in the streets of Colonial Williamsburg where these historical events actually took place. It was so incredible.

We purchased a bounce pass from Busch Gardens that allowed us unlimited access into their theme park, Water Country USA and all the museums of Colonial Williamsburg. And, did I mention the shopping? Oh my goodness! I could have gotten in a lot of trouble but actually did really well in restraining myself :) I purchased one "souvenir" which was a pair of Brighton hoop earnings at the outlet mall. So cute!

I think my favorite part of our entire trip was just being together at the condo. We played cards, watched movies, laid out by the pool, took walks together, and at times just sat around talking. It was wonderful.

Although I wasn't expecting much out of this vacation, I have to say it was one of the best trips we've gone on. It certainly was the most relaxing.

I've learned another life lesson through this vacation to Williamsburg. Sometimes less is more. So much more than we ever expected.

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