Monday, August 16, 2010

Folly Beach and The Mailbox

Our family is at the beach right now, relaxing in the sun and celebrating our last week of Summer.

I can't believe how fast this Summer break has flown by. I've really enjoyed sleeping a little later each morning, not having to pack lunches or check homework, staying up late with the kids to watch movies with popcorn, and just having everyone chilling at home during the day. Brody and Carson have been so low maintenance this Summer. They've stayed busy just playing with friends in the neighborhood and not having to be entertained every single minute of the day. We're all dreading August 25th when they go back to school again.

Being at the beach is the perfect time to read "The Mailbox" which is written by my friend, Marybeth Whalen. This nonfiction book is centered around a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina. It's filled with love, romance, betrayal, faith and contemparary issues that affect every woman. I don't consider myself a fast read but I started yesterday afternoon and I'm almost finished.

Well, I'm going to put my swimsuit on and head out to the beach! With my cute little beach bag in one hand and my copy of "The Mailbox" in the other, I'm looking forward to another relaxing day with my family. Surf's up and the waves are calling!


  1. Your blog looks beautiful my friend.

    It was fun for me to just visit the real "mailbox" after reading Marybeth's book.

    Hope you enjoy your time away,

  2. I'm a big "self help" or nonfiction reader so when I decide to read a fiction book I put a lot of thought into it.

    The Mailbox is an fun and easy nonfiction book. It has a wonderful story line and I finished it within 24 hours :)


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