Monday, December 6, 2010

Smack Dab in the Middle of Mundane

Would you consider yourself an adventurous or cautious person? How about daring or conservative?

I've always been a rule follower. I'm not one to step out of my comfort zone and do something "on the fly". Yet, I admire people that have an "out of the box" approach to life. Their life seems so exciting and adventurous to me. In fact, it kinda makes me want to be a little more daring too.

As I sit on the sidelines, watching these people take big risks, I'm amazed at how much fun they're having. I want to have fun too! So why am I so hesitant?

I've always associated risk-taking with fear, stress and problems. I'm sure that goes hand in hand with adventure but problems and stress can certainly be constant companions to someone living smack dab in the middle of mundane. Trust me...I know.

God's been challenging me lately to live a more adventurous live. As I spend time in His Word, God's showing me that my unwillingness to take risks is really a form of unbelief. What I'm really thinking is "will God come through for me" if I step out in faith and do something radical for Him.

He's showing me that if I really want to follow Him I need to surrender my tendency to always play it safe. I have to trust that He is always with me and no matter what He will see me through whatever comes my way.

What about you? Is God asking you to do something really adventurous for Him today? Is this something WAY outside of your comfort zone and just thinking about it makes you sweat? Is God stretching you emotionally, mentally, or physically in ways you never imagined?

I dare you to step out in faith and allow Him to lead you step by step though this adventure with Him. If you stay focused on Him, I bet your fears will be replaced with joy and excitement. Why don't you give it a try and see. Then be sure to write and let me know what's happening in your life.

Remember, God promises to always take care of you - to never leave you! So have nothing to lose.


  1. Leah, we are kindred spirits my friend.

    The Lord has been calling me to step outside my comfort zone as well. I would never be described by others, or myself, as an adventurer...yet. :)

    I don't want to go through life pursuing safety, while missing the Savior.

    We are held hostage and paralyzed by the things that frighten us. We need to make personal all that God has made possible, claiming His promises.

    Beth Moore has said that we are eating apples and oranges when there is kiwi available. We're like little birds splashing around in a mud puddle on the sidewalk, when there's a large pond just over the hill.

    Author Hilary Price writes, “It's time to step out from huddling in the security of the little pool of light at the base of the lamp post, with all of it's limitations, and go on the road with Jesus – what an adventure!”

    Josie Bissett writes, “Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.” Growing isn't safe. It requires stretching and seizing opportunities. God's dreams for me are big, but I have controlled the abundance right out of my life.

    Again, Beth Moore writes: “Satan is standing on your God-given ground daring you to take possession of it.”

    I need to take a stand on some broken, parched ground. It's time to live. It's time to allow God to stretch me. It's time to walk in obedience and “'Get your supplies ready... go in and take possession of the land the LORD your God is giving you for your own.' " (Joshua 1:11) Crossing the River of Fear, I'm heading to the Land of Promise.

    Safety is completely over-rated. It denies and deprives us of adventures that God longs for us to experience. Adventures in faith. Adventures in living, letting go and leaning on Him.

    Afraid, I have buried my talent in the ground, and along with it my dreams and desires.

    The Master responds, “That's a terrible way to live! It's criminal to live cautiously like that!” (Matthew 25:26 The Message)

    I'm trading my fragile dreams for God's phenomenal realities, trusting in Him to supply.

    (Thoughts above taken from a blog post I wrote earlier this year.)

    Let's move from the middle of mundane, to the center of Christ and all He has in store for us.

    Reaching for your hand and jumping on the count of 3...
    PS. Can't wait to see you in January!!!

  2. Thanks for the challenge friend! Here's what I read in my quiet time just THIS MORNING!!!!

    Be willing to go out on a limb with Me. If that is where I am leading you, it is the safest place to be. Your desire to live a risk-free life is a form of unbelief. You are approaching a crossroads in your journey. In order to follow Me wholeheartedly, you must relinquish your tendency to play it safe. -Jesus Calling

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