Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer is Calling

Are you planning a family vacation this year? If so, where are you headed? To the beach, the mountains, maybe back "home" for a family reunion?

Can you tell that I've got a bad case of Spring Fever?  My kids aren't even out of school yet, but all I can think about is Summer break. I think it's because we have some exciting plans for next month.  

After four years of planning, saving, wishing, and dreaming, our family is finally getting to take a trip to California this summer!  I'm SO excited and can't wait to see San Francisco, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe with my family.

I'm sure this is going to sound crazy to some of you, but I'm even hoping to get a few good family pictures so that when Christmas rolls around I can actually send out a fancy photo card this year.

I don't know about you, but when we go on vacations, I'm always the one taking pictures instead of being in them with my family. Does that happen to you too?

Anyway, the flights have been so expensive each year, that we could never afford to go. But,  we've saved up enough points through our credit card purchases to get four FREE tickets with U.S. Airways. The best part is that they're non-stop flights!!  Ya gotta love those credit card points that can earn you miles!!

Here's the thing...

I thought it would be fun to hear what other families are planning for this summer. Do you have any summer plans already in the works?  Maybe, you've decided to have a "STAYcation" this year?

We had a stay-cation over Spring Break when several of our friends went on a cruise. Instead of going with them, we decided to save our money for California by staying home and doing a few fun things right here in our local community.   

If you're not planning a vacation right now, then tell me what your DREAM vacation would be. 

I'll start us off...

My dream trip would be a Mediterranean Cruise with an extended stay in Italy.  What about you?

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  1. I'll take the Mediterranean trip too. BUT somewhere warm and tropical would be wonderful. This might be a toss up for me:)


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