Thursday, September 27, 2012

Computer Crash & Restore

Isn't it interesting how life can be going along so smoothly, then from out of nowhere...bang! Or, should I say C-R-A-S-H!!

I was sitting at my desk Monday morning with a cup of hazelnut coffee in my hand and a melody in my head. Listening to Pandora online and humming my favorite tunes. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. Oh yes... today was going to be glorious!

Then it happened....

My computer died.

No, not just a blip on my laptop DIED!

And, from that moment on, everything changed. Or, at least I felt it did.

The melody in my head and hum in my heart was replaced with a blood curdling screen, "Noooooooo!"

Nine hardware/software technicians - 6 re-installations of software - over 2 million kbs to restored - 5 backups - 48+ hours of sit-at-your-computer-until-your-blue-in-the-face. And, I'm still digging through the tech-no rubble.

What have I learned?  Oh, I'm so glad that you asked!!

1. Carbonite Tech Support is AMAZING!

2. Remember to feed your hubby/kids and wash clothes when you go through a computer crash & restore. Especially if it goes on for days. They will get hungry and cranky!

3. You can find all sorts of neat stuff when digging through boxes in your storage room! While I was frantically looking for software, I came across a box of clothes I had been looking for, for weeks ago.

4. Don't pray for patience! Otherwise, God will give you a "life exercise" experience that requires patience...lots of it!

Actually, you can pray for patience. Just be prepared...

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