Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Life Lessons - Join Me in this Video Series

I'm starting a new video series this week and would love for you to join me!I'm calling it Life Lessons with Leah - sort of catchy, huh? Each week I'll be posting a short video that will cover a specific topic that women can identify with. Similar to these topics...

* Why Do We Procrastinate?
*  How to Maximize Our Time
*  Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
*  Being Consistent
*  Making Wise Choices
*  Letting Go of Guilt
and so much more...

Take a sneak peak and watch this video:

I"m hoping that through this video series, we can create an online community of women, that will encourage one another while sharing about "hot topics" that effect us all.

We are busy women with busy schedules but I'm certain that many of our struggles are very similar. Life can be so challenging but with the help of friends (yes, even online friends), we can make a difference in each others lives. 

 Will you join me? I hope you do and don't forget to invite a friend, sister, mom, or daughter along for the adventure. See you next Wednesday!

I can't wait!!


  1. Thanks Leah - can't wait.

  2. I am waiting patently for this to happen. I know I will get alot out of this series.
    Thank you for doing this.


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