Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life Lessons - Changing the Way We Think

Did you know that if you change the way you think, it will change the way you feel, which will then change the way you act, and ultimately the way you choose to live? This is great news, if we already have a healthy positive thought life. If we tend to think negatively, well then, we've got some work to do.

This week's video is by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She has a Masters and PhD in Communications Pathology. Dr. Leaf has researched the human brain for over 20 years and teaches with a particular emphasis on unlocking its vast, untapped potential. She is brilliant, beautiful, and a very strong Christian. Dr. Leaf's teachings are backed up by Scripture, which is what I love most about her professional ministry.  

This video was filmed during an interview with Dr. Leaf and Joyce Meyers on the Enjoying Everyday Life program. Although it includes a few technical "brain-y" medical terms, the information is fascinating and essential for creating a healthy thought life.

Here are some amazing facts that Dr. Leaf talks about in this video. Did you know...

* You have over 100 trillion nerve cells in your brain.
* When you have a negative thought, you actually grow a "thorn" on one of your nerve cells.
* Because you are created in the image of God, your brain is naturally wired to think positively.
* Your brain performs over 400 billion acts per second.
* Your intelligence has no cap! You determine how smart you can become by choosing to continue learning  new things.

Wow! Don't you feel smarter already? Click on the link below and if you can, grab a pen and paper to take some notes.

Video - Dr. Caroline Leaf
 2010-07-14, Joyce Meyer - Your Brain and You (Dr. Caroline Leaf & Joyce Meyer).© Copyright 2010 Dr. Leaf. All rights reserved.

Wasn't that a great video? Now, to remember what we learned, lets take some action steps:

1. Be sure to ask/answer/discuss this information within the next 48 hours.Otherwise, it will get stored in the la-la-land of our brains. Note: I have lots of "stuff" stored in the la-la land of my brain.

2. Let's memorize this Scripture verse:
 Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants—what is good, pleasing, and perfect.
Romans 12:2 (GW)

3. Pass this video along to a friend, sister, mother, daughter, or anyone who you think might benefit from it, so they can start renewing their mind too.

Let's do something fun! I'm giving away a copy of "Who Switched off My Brain" and would love for you to win. I read this book last year and by applying what I've learned plus memorizing Scripture, it has drastically changed the way I think. I want you to experience that same change too - and you can!

To qualify for the giveaway, leave a comment below, sharing something that you're struggling with in your thought life right now. Or, share something that you've been able to overcome, because you chose to change your thought patterns and to renew your mind with God's Word.      

Who Switched Off My Brain?  Revised: Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotionshttp:/

One last thing: If you need some encouragement, be sure to log onto Proverbs 31 Ministries and read today's daily devotional by Lysa TerKeurst. It's our gift to you, from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  


  1. Sounds very interesting. Would LOVE to get this book and read it. I believe it's important for anyone, but ESSENTIAL for someone living in difficult circumstances, such as myself.

    1. Karen, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through some difficult circumstances right now and I wanted you to know that I'm praying for you today.

      Here is one of my favorite Scripture verses which I hope brings you some peace and encouragement today...

      Those who know your name trust you, O Lord,
      because you have never deserted those who seek your help.
      Psalm 9:10 (GW)

      Sweet Blessings,

  2. Hi Leah
    One of my struggles is always trying to fit in , and always comparing myself to others
    That has always been a struggle and I am always thinking its me that has done something wrong .
    Thanks Leah for all your encouraging words

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I think that your struggles of trying to fit in and always comparing yourself with others is VERY common among women. I've struggled with that too and if I'm not careful, I can easily start comparing my weaknesses with other women's strengths. That just sets me up for disappointment, every time.

      Great news! You're my giveaway winner!! Please email me your mailing address so I can send you a copy of Dr. Caroline Leaf's book, "Who Switched Off My Brain". I think you're really going to enjoy it.

      My address is

      Sweet Blessings,
      Leah DiPascal

  3. I have this book!!! And have read parts of it! And I'm like you too .... but probably more of my brain is in la-la-land!

    Love you!!! Can't wait to watch the video ... but as you can see, I have to get rid of some of my la-la-land stuff like commenting here before I add more stuff to my brain! :0)

    Love ya and so blessed that you call me friend!


  4. Hi Leah,

    God Bless you and your beautiful family. We need more godly women like you to inspire us spiritually and empower us.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    1. Caroline,

      Thank you for such words of encouragement. I really appreciate you taking the time leave a comment on my blog.

      Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and your family also,


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