Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jesus is Bigger than Cancer

Last night our family went to a benefit for Clark and Lisa Rogers. No one in my family actually knows Clark and Lisa. In fact, up until last night, we had no idea what they even looked like. Yet, we felt drawn to go to this event anyway.

Clark Rogers was involved in youth ministry at our church long before we joined The Cove. He is described as a very gifted man who is passionate about Jesus Christ. Last year, Clark was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer and has been in a battle for his life ever since. Clark refuses to give up the fight and when asked what he thinks, his response is "Jesus is bigger than cancer". What a powerful and truth filled proclamation!

Five churches in the Charlotte area hosted the benefit. The evening consisted of a silent auction and concert that lasted 3 hours. All to help raise money for Clark's medical bills. Almost 1000 people showed up. At one point, a video of Clark & Lisa was shown which was taped earlier in the day from his hospital room. While we all enjoyed the concert, Clark was in surgery.

One by one, people got up and shared how Clark's love for Christ had made a profound impact in their lives. How their lives had been radically changed and how God used Clark to lead each one of them to Christ.

At one point, a pastor asked for people to raise their hands if they knew someone that had been diagnosed or died of cancer. Hundreds of hands went up, including mine and Keith's.

Keith's dad died of lung cancer in his early forties. He worked in an asbestos factory for many years and his life was cut short by this dreaded disease. He left behind a loving wife and two teenage boys.

My dad is currently fighting lymphatic cancer, Just this week he had to undergo a pet-scan, cat-scan, and bone scan. He has been told that the cancer is back and has spread to other parts of his body.

Do you know someone who is battling cancer or maybe who has actually died from cancer? I bet you do.

Guess what? God knows the cure for cancer. He knows what causes cancer and who will be diagnosed with cancer. Over a half a million people in the United States alone will die of cancer this year. He knows each one of them by name

God is bigger than cancer!

I understand now why Clark Rogers has impacted so many peoples lives. As we watched the video of him, I was blown away by the indescribable joy that radiated from his weak pale face. It reminded me of a scripture verse in Proverbs 18: 14 which says "A man's spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear? "

Although Clark's body is being crushed, his spirit is not.

Although Clark's body is weak and frail, the power of the Almighty God dwells within him.

I have no doubt that if you'd ask Clark Rogers what he would rather have:

A Jesus-filled life with cancer (or)

A cancer-free life without Jesus, he would definitely say,

A Jesus-filled life with cancer!


Because Jesus is bigger than cancer!

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