Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brain Food

Do you have a good memory? I sure don't. In fact, my sister and I often joke about how neither one of us have many memories of growing up together. My brothers on the other hand have incredible memories and can tell you what they wore to school the day their second grade photos were taken. Not fair at all.

Well, Today I'm going to tell you what types of food you can eat to help sharpen your memory, keep your brain healthy, and working at optimum proficiency.

Yesterday I talked about a t.v. show I watched over the weekend that just made me so darn smart. If you didn't get a chance to read Monday's post, be sure to check it out first so that this all makes sense to you.

O.k., here goes...

Did you know that your brain is about 80% water? Drinking more water throughout the day not only helps with loosing wait but it also helps you to think more clearly and remember things better. I don't the taste of plain water so I often times squeeze an orange (instead of lemon) in my glass to make it a little sweet. I also buy Vitamin Water when it's on sale. It has zero calories and is loaded with vitamins too. What a deal!

Now that we know what to drink lets talk about some of the foods that are good for keeping our brains healthy. Here's a list of brain foods that you should include in your daily and weekly diet. Not just for you but for your entire family too. We certainly want smart kids and husbands, right? All of these items can easily be found at your local grocery store so no excuses!

Brain foods
Low fat dairy
Eggs (DHA)
Oats or Oatmeal
Olives/Olive Oil
Yogurt (Dannon has a lite yogurt that tastes good and has a lot less sugar)
Red Bell Peppers
Green Tea
Spinach (Did you know that spinach consists of 50% protein?)

Check back tomorrow cause I'll be sharing about what types of herbs are good to cook with, what your body mass index should be, and more.

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